Spotlight On Youtube: Who To Watch

An open laptop and a cup of hot chocolate on a bed in a cosy setting
I've been watching Youtube videos regularly for around 6 years now. Let's not think about how I probably could've used all of that time to be more productive (my bad) and let's instead just appreciate that after all these years I feel like I now know a good Youtube video when I see one. If you want to follow my super healthy example and spend a good chunk of your time watching videos, then here are 4 channels you should get watching right away-

For killer workouts: Tone It Up.
Karena and Katrina are the Tone It Up girls and my god they're like two upbeat, super fit, positive, motivating little energizer bunnies. I love doing their 'follow along' workout videos on YT because you're doing the exercises at the same time they are so it kind of makes you feel like you're being social while you work out, even if in reality you're alone in your bedroom working out while wearing your old pyjamas...

An open Macbook pro laptop, ready to be usedFor fashion inspiration: In The Frow.
Victoria's channel is one I go to whenever I'm needing a serious dose of fashion inspiration. Her clothing 'try on' videos and styling videos are my favourites (although not my wallet's favourites) and honestly I just find the way she speaks about everything to be really uplifting. I always come away from watching her videos feeling more positive, inspired and ready to push my boundaries fashion-wise.

For scarily accurate parodies: The Hillywood Show.
No joke, the videos these girls produce are ridiculously impressive. Every time I watch one of their parodies I'm constantly thinking "How did they do that?!" because everything is just so spot on, especially the costumes. Their Harry Potter parody and Supernatural parody (a must watch if you're a fan) are my favourites, but if you like The Hobbit, Sherlock, Pirates of The Caribbean, Doctor Who, Hocus Pocus, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries or the Twilight series then definitely check out their parodies!

For a blend of beauty and fashion: Hello October. 
Oh how I love Suzie's videos, in fact I actually don't think Suzie produces any videos that I don't like because there always seems to be a nice mix of everything. I watch a lot of other beauty tutorials on Youtube from various people but I won't necessarily rush to recreate any of them, but I do rush to recreate Suzie's looks. Even though the makeup looks never end up looking quite as nice on me as they do on her (she's seriously gorgeous) they still inspire me and get me excited about beauty again. Same goes for her fashion videos, they're great for pulling ideas and I love to see how she puts together her outfits because it always gives me new ways to think about styling the pieces I already own.

Who do you love watching on Youtube? Is there anyone you'd recommend?