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All The Clothes You Need For 2017

the 2017 fashion edit
Oh how I want some of my favourite fashion bloggers to write a post like this...

With each changing season I feel like I never know what to wear. I mean there are clothes in my wardrobe don't get me wrong, but I'll look at them all and just think "meh" and I hate wearing clothes I don't feel comfortable in. Sadly unless I fancy going around naked all day long (which I imagine would be both freeing and chilly...) then I have to just pick an outfit and wear it regardless, even if
I really don't want to.

This is the guide to stop those moments from happening, or at least I hope it is!

So for each season in the year, I've created a little fashion edit that'll give you a run down of all of the staple clothes that I think will easily get you through those "What the hell do I wear?" moments. Obviously everyone's style is different but in my eyes, these are all timeless pieces that can stay in your wardrobe for years to come as well, pieces you can wear again and again. I can almost hear my wallet running away while I type this but... here we go:

(PS, Excuse me while I shop my own blog post)

style pieces for 2017

Camel coat
Turtleneck jumper
Black jeans

style blogger melbourne

fashion blogger the sunday mode
Duster coats
Sweater dresses
Lighter jumpers
Lighter scarves 
Over the knee boots

fashion pieces for 2017
Off the shoulder tops
Light shirts
Denim shorts

what to wear when you don't know what to wear
Light trench coat
Light shirts
Blue jeans
Black jeans

fashion pieces for every season
Are there any essentials you'd add to this list?


5 Huge Drawcards To Get Your Blog Noticed

Get blog noticed improve reach build followers
Do you ever read a lot of different blogs within a day and then realise that they've all sort of meshed together in your mind and you can't really remember each one individually anymore? Not to diss anyone because not everyone's blog is to everyone's taste, but I'm pretty sure when that happens that means you've been reading a lot of unmemorable blogs, and I'm pretty sure bring referred to as 'unmemorable' is a blogger's I right?

The polar opposite of that is when you land on a blog and something just feels right. You start scrolling through their old posts, their photos inspire you and suddenly it's been two hours and you realise you haven't moved from your spot. That feeling is what inspired this post.

I started thinking, what separates an unmemorable blog from a memorable one? What's the difference between a good blog and a great one?

Excellent photography draws people in, it just does, and it's the blogs with brilliant photos that people seem to keep gravitating toward and coming back to. In my humble opinion, captivating photography doesn't mean you have to own an expensive camera or that your photos are 100% crisp or perfectly lit, it just means that your photographs are the kind that either draw people in, show them something different, inspire them or make them genuinely feel something. Interesting photos of a reasonable size that are the best quality you can reach is always a huge drawcard, but different photos in my opinion will really set apart your blog. Anyone can use stock photos and there's nothing wrong with that, but if you want to make your blog memorable, try and push yourself to create photos that are unique and will really grab people and make them stop and want to read your blog.

With great photography comes great responsibility....just kidding, but be mindful of the size of the shots on your blog as well because I think when it comes to blog photos size does matter. No one wants to squint to see the detail in a photo but you also don't really want a picture of someone's forearm take up the entirety of your laptop screen either.

You want people to go to your blog and feel like they could sit there for hours reading your posts. With your layout, your graphics and the size of your images play a huge role but so does your colour scheme, font and font size- in the end it's all about finding something that will draw people in (and looks aesthetically pleasing!). Think about what turns you off from reading someone's blog and try to do the opposite of that. With me for example, I really don't like reading blogs with tiny text and I hate it when I'm reading a post and in the 'ads' section on someone's sidebar there's several ris-kay websites being advertised...

This sort of goes along with having a strong layout, but don't make it hard for people to love your site. The best blog's are easy to read, easy to navigate, nice to look at, exciting to explore, not annoying and all around just user friendly. When I click on a blog for the first time for example, a huge turn off for me is if an obnoxious 'subscribe to my blog/Instagram/email list' ad pops up before I've even had a change to read a single post. Again, do things to your taste but don't make it hard for people to love your site!

I get that some people feel like clickbait titles are the best way to draw people in, but I think they're misleading and a cheap tactic. Clickbait titles annoy most people and turn them off, and there's no way that the best blogs out there are getting their page views by using constant clickbait. Try to create interesting titles that'll still draw people in, but be practical and honest with your titles depending on what you're content is like.

Beautiful photos are great but I think we all know that nothing can cover for crappy or passion-less content. Even though it feels like every idea has already been done a million times, if you give your own voice or opinion to an issue and write about things you actually like and are passionate about then that alone will make your content memorable and set you apart from the pack. Another key factor that great blogs have is they produce posts that have value, as in they help or benefit someone else in some way. Those are the kinds of posts that people save, bookmark, re-read and remember. If you produce enough of those posts, your blog will definitely be memorable.

What do you look for in a blog?


Cleansing Devices- Worth The Hype?

luna foreo 2 beauty review

I think when it comes to skincare we're all after the next best thing. Nothing every really seems to be good enough because let's face it, if we were completely satisfied with our skincare routines then why would we always be on the lookout for new products to try? Well actually, it is pretty fun just in general to try out new products but still, for me personally I always want to find whatever I can that's going to help my skin to look better than it does now.

Cue the cleansing devices. Clarisonics, Sonic systems, Luna devices, Facial brushes- the hype around these kinds of products has always interested me because I had to wonder whether a product would be better at washing my face than I am...

In comes the *FOREO Luna 2, the first cleansing device I'd ever used that showed me a whole new realm of cleansing. So for everyone out there who's a little iffy on the whole 'cleansing devices' trend, here's a breakdown to figure out whether or not these would work for you.

floral blogger photo

FOREO Luna 2 review

What is it?
It's a palm-sized pulsating facial brush made from silicone that's used to give your skin a deeper clean than your hands or a muslin cloth are able to.

What does it do?
It removes 99.5% of dirt/oil build up and makeup residue from your face. 99.5% people, that's pretty impressive in my books. Few things make me cringe as much as the thought of perpetually leaving little makeup and dirt remnants on my face (ew) so this really impressed me.

How do you use it?
Well first off, make sure it's charged. Luckily the device comes fully charged which was great for me because I am la-zy and one full charge lasts for months (can I get a hell yes?!). So assuming it's charged, you apply your cleanser, click the centre button once to activate, run it under some water and then in circular motions gently rotate the device around your face to cleanse. A small light flashes at the bottom of the device every 15 seconds to tell you to move it around your face (to prevent over cleansing) but personally I don't spend exactly 15 seconds on one section of my face, I just do what comes natural. There are also 12 different intensities for the pulsations but I just use the intensity that the Luna device was set to when it arrived because it seems to work well for my skin!

PS, it's also 100% waterproof (so you can use it in the shower and you don't have to worry like I did about accidentally electrocuting yourself before I found this out...)

Why should I bother with a cleansing device?
Up straight, I'm a bit of a germaphobe so the thing I love the most about the Luna device is that it's made of silicone. Silicone resists bacteria build up so hygiene-wise this is pretty foolproof. When I found out that the device resists bacteria build up I was thrilled because personally that's always been a worry of mine when it came to using cleansing brushes. I don't want to use a facial cleansing brush that's going to build up bacteria and break me out in future, that seems so counter productive...

Will this work for me?
I was worried this would irritate my skin so I went for the sensitive (lavender) version of the FOREO Luna 2 device and for me, this is quite gentle on my skin. The only time this has slightly irritated my skin is when I've had large active breakouts, so if you deal with regular painful acne breakouts or if you have very sensitive, rash-prone skin then I would be wary. If you don't have any issues with sensitivity then I'd definitely recommend this. There are also variations of the Luna 2 for skin that's combination, normal or oily and there's one for men too. So if you don't think this would work for you, I'd actually really recommend it as a gift for any men in your life because we all know they're probably not washing their faces very I right?

facial devices- worth the hype?Are cleansing devices worth the hype?
Yes and No. If you're happy with your current skincare routine and the state of your skin then buying one of these isn't going to revolutionise your life anytime soon. Saying that, after doing my research and speaking from experience, because this is made from silicone the Luna 2 is one of the most gentle and hygienic cleansing devices on the market so if you're looking to really deep clean your skin and you don't have a lot of issues with sensitivity, definitely try this out.

Where can I buy it?
Click here.

What are your thoughts on cleansing devices?

*The Luna 2 device was sent to me by for review purposes, all opinions are my own and they always will be! There are ZERO affiliate links in this post.

3 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Makeup Brushes

3 tips to get more bang for your buck

Sometimes I feel like makeup brushes don't get enough love. Everyone's always talking about eyeshadows and lipsticks and different foundations but I hear about actual brushes probably 80% less than I hear about makeup products. Sorry to give you all a major Black Eyed Peas flashback but where is the love?! Brushes need some time in the light too.

Makeup and beauty products are great but for me personally, I've found that if I don't have the right tools nothing really looks the same. We all know there are a bunch of myths and different opinions on which brushes are best, what kind you should get and how many you need etc etc but when it comes down to it all I really want to know is...what's the best way to get the most out of my brushes?

sigma makeup brushes review

Utilise what you have. 
I can't count how many times I've sat and watched Youtube videos of people's makeup and brush collections and my face turns into the heart-eyed emoji because I always want everything I see. I feel like I need to own more, more blending brushes, more shading brushes, more beauty blenders, more highlighting brushes, more brushes with soft hair bristles, maybe some vegan get the drift. The pressure to buy more and have more and use more is insane when it comes to beauty, but I think for most people having a huge brush collection isn't realistic or necessary.

Funnily enough, I've done my eye makeup with one (dirty!) brush and and gotten compliments on my makeup a few times, whereas other times I'll dabble with using 10 different brushes and my eye makeup can still turn out pretty 'meh.' The point is, don't feel like to create great makeup looks you need to own an astronomical makeup brush selection.

Choose wisely before you buy. 
This is more of a tip to remember before you actually go out and buy brushes, but basically my philosophy with makeup brushes is like my philosophy with food (bare with me), if you really want to get the most out of your makeup brushes then buy quality over quantity.

I won't be spending $250 on a single brush or anything extreme like that, but I think buying medium-priced, good quality brushes that will last years is always smarter than buying a few cheap ones now and then having them shed and needing to repurchase the same brushes two months later.
Similarly, I've bought a few makeup brush kits in the past and often that works out to save me quite a bit more money than if I'd gone out and bought every single one of my brushes individually.

sigma eye makeup brushes review

Brands I'd recommend? Sigma brushes. Everyone has their own preferences but the majority of the makeup brushes I own are Sigma and aside from some shedding on my really old brushes, they've never let me down so I'd highly recommend them. 

Best face brushes? The Sigma E35 Highlighter brush (I own three) is a must have for me because it's perfectly tapered for highlighting and contouring and it picks up just the right amount of product. I also love using the F30 brush for applying my face powder, I've been using it every day for years!

Best eye brushes? I'd recommend getting the *Sigma Basics Eye Kit because it's pretty much got every brush in it that I use daily all in one kit, including the E25 blending brush which I usually use to apply my shadows, blend them out and do a smokey liner (it's one of those 'do it all' brushes for me).  

sigma makeup brushes the sunday mode

tips to get the most out of your makeup brushes

Treat brush 'names' as suggestions.

So you buy a 'flat shader brush', does that mean you can only use it for that? Hope not because that's not what I do!
Personally, I use an eye shader brush to apply my concealer and a fluffy blending brush (like the *Sigma E40) with powder to go over any spots on my face for double the coverage. For liner I also use either the *Sigma E30 or the *Sigma E55 get the drift. Following what brushes are 'meant' to be used for is clearly not my thing. 

To get more out of each one of your brushes, just think of the labels on them kind of like suggestions from a friend. You could listen, but you could also not. If you do that then each brush you own suddenly becomes a hell of a lot more versatile because you can use any brush for anything. Face brushes for your eyes, eye brushes for you face. Go nuts.

Do you have any tips for getting the most out of your makeup brushes?


*The Sigma Basics Brush Kit was gifted by for review purposes, but I've been using and loving Sigma brushes since 2010! No links are affiliate links either.

What No One Tells You About Travelling

travel tips and tricks

Travelling is amazing, it's wondrous non-stop adventure of fun and happy memories and smiles and laughs, right? At least that's what it looks like through a bunch of Instagram filters and hashtags...

I've been lucky enough to travel overseas quite a lot in my life and I've made some amazing memories, but in that time I've also dropped the idealised version of travelling that I once had. On social media you see photos of other people in these amazing destinations and it's easy to get a giant case of fomo (fear of missing out) and I'm not trying to say that people travelling aren't having an amazing time, but I think it's important to be realistic as well and remember that a nice photo can make even the worst of situations seem picture perfect.

So here are 5 things about travelling that no one tells you...

new york fashion blogger
1- You're travelling, but you're still you. 
No matter how many miles away you travel, depending on what your issues/problems are you tend to still carry them around with you like a bad cold that won't go away. For me I have a few different kinds of anxiety and although it's definitely alleviated when I'm enjoying myself travelling, I know that just because I'm in another country that doesn't mean I'll all of a sudden going to be anxiety-free. For me, knowing that actually makes it a lot easier to relax and stop being so hard on myself throughout the trip.

2- No one does the exact same thing.
There's no 'right' way to explore a certain destination. Just because you've gone to Hawaii it doesn't mean you have to spend every minute on the beach or surfing, maybe you'd prefer to spend your days exploring or shopping or just taking photos. You see people doing certain things in certain destinations and it puts pressure on you to do the same because you don't want to feel like you're missing out, but your trip is your trip so you should really spend your time doing what you want. Drop any expectations of what you think you need to do while travelling and just do what you genuinely feel like.

3- It's a learning curve. 
The first time you travel it's okay to be a hot mess, in fact it's probably a right of passage. On a family trip when I was younger we got to the airport and realised we'd forgotten the passports (good one dad) and I've beeped through so many airport security sections because I've forgotten I'm wearing earrings or something stupid like that. I think we've all made our fair share of stupid moves while travelling and you know what? Those stupid moves make for some hilarious stories later down the track so embrace them and feel better knowing we all make mistakes while travelling.

new york travel tips
melbourne fashion blogger

4- If you're not travelling solo, arguments will happen. 

If you've travelled with another person and never had one argument on your entire trip then honestly my hat goes off to you.

Personally, no matter how much I love the person I'm travelling with and no matter how well I get along with them, arguments happen. When they do, I think it's important to remember that it happens to everyone and it doesn't have to spoil your trip. That 5am flight where you had to wake up at 3am just to get to the airport on time, yeah, that'll make you cranky. That night when you had an amazing time but only ended up getting half an hour of sleep? Yep, that sleep deprivation is like an argument waiting to happen.

Spats, disagreements and arguments don't ruin trips but your reactions to them really can, trust me. Don't let an argument throw off your day, just try and move on and forget about it. Forgive and forget and remember that that couple who are smiling next to you at dinner could've argued the hour beforehand, but that doesn't mean they aren't having an amazing trip!

fashion blogger outfit personal style

travel blogger

5- Not everyone is as trusting as you. 

I've been lucky enough to never experience theft overseas but things like that have happened to a few people I know. I think you're much more open to it if you're a newbie traveller but honestly it can happen to anyone, and it's usually not very pretty. When you're travelling, I think if you just use your common sense and don't look like an obvious tourist then you should be okay.

My biggest tips? 
-Don't put your wallet in your back pocket.
-Be more aware of your belongings in crowded places or on public transport.
-Wear your handbag across your body (if you can) while you're in heavily populated places and keep your hands on it as you walk.

Likewise, I love to take photos while I travel but I always make sure that when I'm taking photos in a busy area I have a 'spotter.' By that I mean I like to have whoever I'm travelling with just watch me as I take photos to make sure no one pinches any of my things while I'm pre-occupied. This may seem unnecessary to some people and everyone tends to figure out their own little systems, just be reasonably cautious and find what works for you.

The same rules apply while travelling as they do back home, you probably won't have anything stolen from you but it's always better to be safe rather than sorry, especially because when you're on a holiday you can be so relaxed that all common sense goes out the window...or at least mine does!

advice for travellers

I think travelling is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself, but when you travel you're not dancing in a land filled with unicorns and rainbows and I think (speaking from experience) it's important to enjoy your trip but it's equally as important to not set yourself any unrealistic expectations. There is no 'perfect' trip so ditch your expectations and you'll enjoy yourself so much more!

Are there any aspects of travelling that you think no one really speaks about?


How To Set Goals And Actually Achieve Them

how to achieve your goals, tips for 2017

In 2016 I often felt lost, like I didn't know my purpose or where I was going. It sort of felt like a discovery year or a 'floating' year for me because I was constantly questioning what I wanted and where I wanted my life to go. Did that feel good? Most of the time no, so I knew I wanted to make sure 2017 would be different.

I mentioned in my 'Why A New Year Shouldn't Mean A New You' post that I'll probably never be the type of person that sets new year's resolutions, but I have been re-assessing where I am vs. where I want to be and I've realised that half the reason I stalled on my goals in 2016 was because I wasn't going about achieving them the right way. (I also's a downfall. I'm working on it.)

For 2017 I plan on actually achieving my goals and here's my plan of attack for doing that:

how to reach your goals in 2017, tips and tricks

Change your mindset. 
This is more than half the battle, I guarantee you. I tend to be a glass half empty person (yep, I'm one of those people) and it sounds simple but I've realised that if you genuinely don't believe you can achieve something and you keep saying it out loud, you're manifesting all of that negativity and nope, you won't reach any of those goals because your head's not in it. If you think you're going to get your new dream job you won't get it tomorrow just because you thought positively about it, but there's plenty of research out there to prove that if you think very clearly about what it is you want and you actually believe you can get there, you're paving the way to get those things and manifesting that, day by day.

Break them down. 
We all have those huge scary goals that loom over us- they feel unachievable because they're so big but you want to achieve them exactly because of that. To take things down a notch, look at your huge goals and break them down into smaller goals or even tasks that feel a little (or a lot) less scary. If you look at a small task you've made and it intimidates you, it's too big- go smaller!
So say your big goal is to move to America. Make one of your smaller goals to research flights and another goal to research travel visas and different housing options etc. Break it down, it soothes the soul.

Actually write it down. 
Our thoughts change like waves so unless you have a damn good memory the chances are you're going to forget the ins and outs of exactly what you want. Write your goals in a journal, a word document, a scrap piece of paper or in the 'Notes' app on your phone- just take 10 minutes and actually write everything down as clearly and specifically as you can so that you can see them in front of you and look back on them whenever you need to.

Set a time frame for each smaller goal/task.
If it takes you 6 months to achieve a tiny goal then that's probably not too productive, so set yourself a time frame for when to complete each small goal. Remember to be realistic as well, especially if you already struggle reaching a nice work/life balance.

Do something every day. 
What you do can be tiny (and I mean tiny). So going with the example of the goal of wanting to move to America, if one of your small goals is to research flights then maybe one day you pull up some flight websites and another day you look at prices and another day you email a travel agent. There are 365 days in a year so even if you only do something tiny every day, imagine how much you'd get done by the end of the year as opposed to leaving everything to December and then panicking...

Be adaptable and open to change. 
Just because you've written something down or planned a goal in January, don't feel bad if you want to change your goals by March. We change, our perspectives change and our goals change along with it all and I think that's fine. Don't bother working toward goals you don't really want because if you do, you won't care when you reach them anyway.

Do you have any tips for achieving your goals?


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