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5 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Wardrobe

refreshing your wardrobe and style

Lately all I have wanted to do is shop, style and repeat, which is interesting considering a while back I was feeling really uninterested in fashion. I realised my wardrobe was the cause, it just felt...stale. I'd look at the clothes I had and feel uninspired and there was little to no eagerness to get dressed in the morning. After writing this post I felt an overwhelming need to refresh my wardrobe and it felt SO damn good.

Now when I get ready I look into my wardrobe and feel inspired and eager to put together an outfit. Some of these tips may be a little out of the blue, but here's what I did to breathe some life into my wardrobe-

refresh your style

1. Splurge for dry cleaning. 

No shame, but I wash my clothes the least amount I possibly can (within reason). Why? My drier shrinks everything. I've got long arms and legs and it's just not fun when after one wash your pants turn into three quarters and your long sleeve top ends up looking like a crop top. 

Recently I grabbed a bunch of my clothes, the ones I rarely wash, the ones with delicate materials, the ones with stains on them that I swore I'd remove but forgot and I took all of these to get dry cleaned. My dry cleaner still shrinks my clothes a little but no where near as bad as my drier does. When I got my clothes back after the dry clean, it honestly felt like I'd been given a whole new wardrobe. Everything was fresh and looked like it'd been ironed- all of the pieces look like they were new again. Even older pieces suddenly felt new and fresh. While I wouldn't recommend doing this regularly, for a splurge and in the name of a refresh I would really recommend it.
the sunday mode fashion blogger

2. Change up your clothes hangers and re-arrange. 

We look into our wardrobes every day and unless you're someone who buys new pieces regularly (I am jealous of you) everything starts to look the same. It's a simple thing, but just visually changing up what your wardrobe looks like can make a huge difference in how you feel about it's contents. If you've got wire hangers, try swapping them out with wooden ones or if you've got wooden ones, maybe go for velvet hangers. Personally when I swapped all my hangers to the wooden kind I automatically felt like all of my clothes had just gone up 10 fancy points because I always associate wooden hangers with clothing stores. Something simple like this can really make you excited to get dressed in the morning. If you don't feel like spending money, try re-arranging and changing up how you organise your clothes- that way when you look into your wardrobe each day everything will have a whole different energy to it.

3. Weed out the dead weight. 

It's the old classic rule- refresh your wardrobe by getting rid of any pieces that you don't wear,  they're just taking up space that could be filled with items that you'll actually get some use out of. I think there's a saying out there that if you haven't worn something in a year, toss it. So be realistic but also be brutal, if you think about wearing something and it doesn't give you that happy feeling- throw that sucker out.

fashion, lifestyle blogger melbourne

4. Steal someone's style for a day. 

Sometimes when I want to add a kick of new energy into my wardrobe and when I'm after a new take on how to style my clothes, I'll pick someone I look up to style-wise (sometimes it's a blogger, sometimes a celebrity or even a TV character etc) and I'll try to sort of channel them for a day and dress how I think they'd dress, with what I have. It's an odd little thing to do but it gives me a boost of motivation and creativity to start trying different combinations with the pieces I already own.

5. Hunt down staples. 

If you're doing a full wardrobe revival and you've gone through the process of tossing or donating any clothes you don't wear, a really easy way to inject some new life into your wardrobe is to write a list of some staple pieces that you're currently missing and spend time tracking them down. As much as I like to think my wardrobe is full of staples, when clothes shrink or when I grow tired of certain styles I find it's always beneficial to add new staple pieces that I can use to style multiple different outfits.

Do you have any easy ways to refresh your wardrobe?


Organising My Blog: The Update

blog organisation tips and tricks

A while back I did a post (here) all about how I organise my blog with a planner and while I still pretty much follow the same formula, the planner got ditched and I've now opted for more of a techie approach to organising my blog. Hang on, is 'techie' even a word? Probably not...
I've basically swapped out my blog planner for a ridiculously easy system which basically consists of a few dedicated documents and spreadsheets saved onto my laptop. Making the change has been brilliant for me, my laptop always seems to be with me anyway so having my blog calendar, planner and schedule etc all at my finger tips for whenever I need them is so much easier. If you're a pen and paper person then I think a planner system like I talked about in my other post is the way to go, but if you're like me and you can never remember where you put your planner and you can't find a pen with ink in your house to save your life, then take a look at my current approach:

blog organisation planner system

So so easy but so so helpful. I literally just keep a Word document saved to my desktop titled 'Post ideas' and when I have an idea or a concept idea for a post I write it there. I basically write down everything and anything because you never know what might make a great post or what could be further developed into an interesting idea. Obviously I write my actual posts on my laptop as well so when I'm stuck for ideas it's easy to refer back to my 'Ideas' document and get inspiration from there.

If you've read my other blog organisation post then you'll see that I used to draw little sketches of photos I'd plan on taking for my blog. Well, the truth is I ditched this system because it became impractical for when I wanted to change my ideas and it was time consuming as well. Instead of sketches, I now have a Word document (surprise surprise) dedicated to photography planning. Basically I write down the name of a post that needs photos and then underneath I dot point ideas for shots, props that might work, locations, colours, backdrops for the photos and so on. Sometimes I'll even search Pinterest and add in some inspiration pictures as well. Then before I go to take photos I just look at this document and go from there.

Once a post is written and has photos it goes straight into my calendar. Some people like to get really fancy with the calendars they use for their blog but I like to keep mine very simple. For each month I create a table in a Word document and plan out the order of my content from there, colour coding each individual post so that I can see what I've got scheduled. I like to put out a mix of fashion, lifestyle, travel and beauty content so the colour-coding system makes it really easy for me to organise things and see what kind of content is missing. Here's an example of my calendar for a typical month-

(Green = Beauty post, Purple = Fashion/Style post, Blue = Lifestyle post )

To keep track of everything I created this spreadsheet in Excel (who am I?) and this lets me see the status of all of my posts at a glance. From writing a post to adding appropriate links, publishing it and keeping track of social media promoting- it's all here. Once I complete something I fill in the Excel 'cell' with green and then I only need to look at any gaps to see what still has to be done. Here's an example of my blog planner-

How to plan your blog
(Pics= photos, Draft= draft written, Locked= all text is ready to go and spell-checked, Shop Links=  product widgets, Text Links + BL= relevant links and bloglovin follow link, Published= the post is live, Insta= promoted on Instagram, Twitter = promoted on Twitter)

And that's about it! Do you have any golden tips for keeping organised with your blog?


Accepting All Versions Of Yourself

Self-acceptance. Easy to say, easy to write, easy in theory- hard as hell to do. 

Like most people I've struggled (and still struggle) with self-confidence and self-acceptance and obviously there are lots of ways you can improve upon the way you see yourself, but I think one crucial step to gaining confidence comes with accepting all the different versions of yourself. I'm talking about all of the completely unique, polar opposite parts of you, the versions you show the world and the versions you keep to yourself. Sometimes it can be really easy to get so caught up in trying to be the kind of person that you think you should be that it becomes very difficult to actually accept who you are and everything that comes along with that.

So if like me you're on the quest for confidence and for more happy days than sad ones then it's all about embracing who you are now and who you have been throughout the different points in your life. You'll probably find that everything has happened for a reason and that every 'version' of you has had or still has a purpose. By accepting all the different versions of you, any feelings of blame, guilt, shame or embarrassment that you have toward yourself should dissolve.

Take me for example, if I pull apart a few key versions of myself that I've embodied throughout the years I can already see their purpose-

self-acceptance and self-love tips and tricks
VERSION 1: The 'Baby'-
I've been called a 'sook' or 'drama queen' since I was little because I feel things very deeply and often get emotional. Trust me when I say that this version of me is one I've spent a lot of time and energy feeling ashamed about. Even as I've gotten older I'm still a sensitive person (typical Pisces) and I've hated that behind closed doors crying is my knee-jerk reaction to a lot of situations. Genuinely, I've felt so embarrassed about this part of myself that I've wished I could be a different person, someone who never cries or gets upset or even cares for that matter. At 23, although I'm still coming to terms with it I do now fully accept this version of myself. I know now that I am an intuitive, empathetic, sympathetic person and those are highly regarded qualities that for a lot of people don't come naturally. Being sensitive and empathetic doesn't make me weak, it makes me strong.

VERSION 2: The Student-
Friends: "Do you want to watch a movie?" 
Me: "...No, I'm studying."
The studious version of myself is one that up until a few years ago was basically all I knew. The majority of my academic life was spent studying- so much studying, the staying up till 6.30am kind of studying. Hitting the books is all well and good but I often got major FOMO (fear of missing out) as a result and spent countless hours over the years playing the "what if?" game. From this sprung some shame and regret about this part of myself, I became embarrassed about a part of me that I really shouldn't feel embarrassed about. So yeah, the 'perfect student' version of myself has some flaws but honestly, this time in my life gave me a killer work ethic and showed me that when I put my mind to something I can do a hell of a lot more than I give myself credit for. To be the most cliche that I possible can, it showed me what I was made of.

the sunday mode lifestyle blogger

VERSION 3: The Anxious Wreck-
How many times have you heard or read the word 'anxiety' in the past year? I bet it's a hell of a lot of times and it's because anxiety is something a lot of people struggle with, myself included. Some people like to think that anxiety is a trend or way to grab attention but (aside from that being ridiculous) if you've ever actually had anxiety then you'll know it's something you quite literally would not wish on your worst enemy. In the past I've had such intense anxiety that there was not a single thought in my head throughout the day that wasn't plagued with worry or fear. Anxiety is like having a voice in your head that plays you every troubling thought you've ever had on repeat, it twists your rational thoughts until they become an unrecognizable, worrisome mess.

Although it's nothing like it was before I do still deal with anxiety issues and that's why this version of myself is one that takes the most patience and effort for me to accept. When I think about it though, every awful moment and every panic attack I've ever had forced me to reflect on my life, my coping strategies, the people around me, everything. So as hard as it is for me to accept it, my anxiety ended up bringing me something I never thought it would, self-growth and gratitude. I now have a much deeper understanding of myself and I am extremely grateful for where I am in my life now and how far I've come.

how to love yourself

how to start accepting yourself

VERSION 4: The Optimist-
One of the things I think people really don't understand about me is that I'm either a glass half empty person or I'm so positive and optimistic that I will happily talk your ears off for hours about some theory I have which is about how the whole point of life is just to learn and find happiness.
Sometimes this version of myself makes me feel naive, like everyone else knows more about the world than I do and I'm just an idealistic 20-something who doesn't really know what's what.

Granted I am only 23 and have a lot of life experience and wisdom left to gain I have also been through a lot in the time I've been on this earth. I've travelled to over 18 countries, had life-changing experiences, been through my fair share of issues and the fact that I see the good in people and in the world is something I should feel proud of. The optimistic version of myself is one I currently accept with open arms (especially given the state of the world at the moment.)

black and white editorial blog photo

I'm a mix of all of these versions and so many more. I could go on all day with this post but I guess what I'm trying to put out there is that if you're trying to gain confidence and you're learning to accept yourself, realise that no one is one-sided and we all have different versions to us. Everyone is so much more dynamic than they may appear and we're all just learning and evolving as we go. So drop whatever perceptions or expectations you have about who you thought you would be at this point in your life and respect all the versions of yourself.

What do you think about accepting all of the versions of yourself?


Simple Ways To Streamline Your Life

How to be more minimal in everyday life

I'm a fairly organised and together person (lol just kidding) but honestly when I hear anything about streamlining I just can't get enough. I'm all about how I can become more efficient and effective because the more organised and simplified my life is, the clearer my mind feels.

Story time: A few months ago I re-did my bedroom and there were boxes everywhere, un-made furniture (gotta love Ikea...) and my room was just a complete disaster zone with things randomly thrown everywhere. During that time I'd say I was the most anxious and scatter-brained that I've been in a long time and I always felt uneasy.

I sorted, tidied and organised everything in my room, removed the clutter, put into place a couple of routines that made my days run more fluidly and then I finally started to feel sane again. It's all about sorting out different areas of your life and making things run smoothly. Streamlining your life even in small ways can boost your efficiency, save you time, clear your mind and make you feel like a much more together person. Trust me, it makes a difference.

Charlotte Tilbury 'Instant Look In A Palette' review beauty blogger
Charlotte Tilbury 'Instant Look in a Palette'

Use do it all makeup products. 
If you're looking to streamline your daily routine or if you're just someone who's always in a rush (or always running late) then a great way to save time and simplify things is to start incorporating a few multi-use or 'do it all' products into your getting ready routine. It sounds simple but sometimes the best ideas are the simplest.

You could start easy by using a moisturising lipstick instead of a lip balm and separate lip shade, or you could take it a step further and try out an eye + face palette combo. I used to be really skeptical of these kinds of products but if you find a good quality palette from a brand you trust that contains a combination of shades that you'll actually use, then it's brilliant. These kinds of multi-use products are a ridiculously easy way to regularly streamline your morning routine.

I'd Recommend? *The Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette
It contains the original Filmstar Bronze & Glow shades that I already use on a daily basis so that's extremely handy, two pops of colour for the cheeks and three very blendable, satin-finish neutral eyeshadows. The shadows are even numbered so you don't have to think about what to use and where. For me I use the lightest as my base shadow, number '2' as the crease colour and then I'll use the darkest shade smudged out as a liner. All of a sudden I've got an easy 'my eyes but better' look that saves me time and energy every morning because I don't really need to even think about what I'm doing and all the shades I need are in one place. This was the first eye + face palette I've used and now I've gone from thinking they're gimmicky to wanting more- would highly recommend. 

how to live more minimal

A big part of streamlining is de-cluttering and if you want a more streamlined life, make sure you're not holding onto possessions that unintentionally bring you stress. To get the process started, try going rome by room through your home and think about what stresses you out. Some objects may bring you stress when you look at them (i.e, presents you've kept out of guilt that you don't actually want) or maybe there are a few pieces of clothes in your wardrobe that you bought but didn't really wear so you've just kept it in there collecting dust. Ditch the maybes and just make a 'throw out/donate' pile and a 'keep' pile to get rid of the unwanted clutter in your life and to bring some new energy into your space. A decluttered space = a streamlined space, which = a clear mind.

Create routines. 
If you're the kind of person who regularly changes things up in your life that can be a great habit, but sometimes doing things differently every time can be a really time consuming process and a more fluid routine can be needed to keep areas of your life running a little smoother. I'm not saying that you should have a routine for everything but for me, I find having things like a morning routine to be extremely useful for saving me time and energy and helping my days to run more efficiently. If you're looking to streamline your life, figure out which areas in your life or times in your day are currently the most chaotic and try and implement a routine to change that. You want to find a routine that's going to keep you on task, motivated, reasonably relaxed, positive and productive.

What are your favourite ways to streamline your life?


*Gifted for review purposes and Charlotte Tilbury palette is an affiliate link. Hopefully by now you'll all know that all opinions in this post are obviously all genuine and my own! 

How To Create Content You're Proud Of

Content Creation tips
Something big for me in 2017 is making sure I'm pushing myself in the direction I'd like to be heading in life, rather than just sort of floating through it. I've taken this approach with my blog as well so I'm currently taking control and making changes to try and get to where I'd like to be with The Sunday Mode. Right now I'm starting at the baseline of the blog, with content.

When it comes to content and blogging, I think it can be difficult at times to feel like what you're producing is original or unique because there are just so many blog posts out there. The sheer quantity of posts alone makes you feel like every topic ever known to man has already been covered. Not only that, but the blogging world definitely goes through 'trends' and it can be fairly difficult to not let yourself get influenced or persuaded by what other people are publishing.

So how do you make sure that you're creating unique content that you're actually proud of?

creating meaningful blog content
Write like no one is reading. 
When we all started our blogs it was just our parents reading it, right? Or maybe that was just me...(hi mum, I know you still read my blog). Growing your blog readership is a brilliant achievement, but with each new reader it can be harder to strike a balance between writing what you want to write and writing what you think your readers want to read. If your most popular posts are beauty posts for example, for sure it would be hard to write travel posts from then on, knowing that people aren't really as interested. It's a bit of a juggling game but when it comes to writing new posts, I say try not to think about expectations and just write. Pretend like no one is reading. You can always tell when someone is genuinely passionate about the content they're producing and in my opinion those posts are so much more enjoyable and authentic to read.

Write what you genuinely want to read.
This goes along with writing like no one is reading but when it comes to making sure you're creating content you're proud of just ask yourself this question before you publish a post- would you read it? If you came across that post on another blog, would it interest you? To create content you're truly satisfied with, don't publish a post if you wouldn't read it yourself. 

Don't be intimated by the looming 'niche' buzzword.
I'm no super blogger so hey, maybe I've got the whole thing twisted but I've read so much about how every blogger needs to find their niche or your blog is going to crash and burn. Is there truth to that? Maybe. Do I follow that with my own blog? Nope. Maybe you'll agree with me and maybe you won't, but I think that by staying within a specific niche you're limiting your mind, creativity and content. All of a sudden you can't create the kinds of posts that you want because it doesn't fit within your niche. It's your blog so it's your decision, but don't feel restricted by the pressure people put on you to find a niche. I think with that freedom will come a heck of a lot of unique, memorable content.

Re-read your content on different days before you post it. 
Back in ye old days when I first started my blog I used to post something and then delete it two days later because I no longer agreed with what I'd written or I didn't feel proud of what I'd posted. I hate my perfectionist streak so this isn't me advocating that at all, but to make sure you create content you're proud of I'd say write your post, leave it a while and then come back to it at a different time on a different day to check you're still happy to put that content out before you hit publish!

What do you do to make sure you're publishing content you're proud of?

(PS, please no one play a drinking game with how many times I just used the word 'content' in this post...)


3 Easy Ways To Be A Better You

Self-improvement tips

Let's just start this post off by saying that how you are right now, right this second is perfecto. Too cheesy? You bet, but I don't want this post to come off like I'm a pushy stranger over the internet giving you unwarranted 'life' tips when I don't really have a clue about you or your life. That's why I only publish these kinds of posts when I genuinely think that what I have to say could positively contribute to someone else's life.

Being a 'better' you is a pretty vague statement, agreed? Everyone has their areas they want to improve on (to be honest I could probably improve in every area so no judgement here) but a lot of the world just ignores or avoids the things they need to improve on. So often people make themselves ridiculously busy, just so that they don't have to deal with or even remember the things that stress them or the changes they want to make in their lives. "Too busy" is a beautiful reason to avoid things.

In 2016 I did a crap load lot of reflection and in 2017 I'm all about evolving into the 2.0 version of myself. So based off certain patterns that I've noticed with myself and those around me, here are 3 (relatively) easy ways to be a better version of you.

lifestyle how to be more empathetic

Don't water down your beliefs. 

I'm like a seesaw with this one because sometimes I'm great at expressing my own opinions but then there are other times where I feel like for whatever reason, I have to hide how I really feel about something. Maybe it's because I'm worried I'll offend or insult someone, or maybe I'm just in a group of loud, over-bearing people and I'm too intimated to speak up for fear that they'll overpower me and make me feel small. It happened to me a lot in high school and this is something that as I'm getting older frustrates me more and more.

To be more true to yourself and your believes, respect yourself enough to speak up and contribute your opinions to any given situation or conversation. I'm not saying you should become one of the over-bearing people who shout their opinions from the rooftops like they're gospel, but don't feel intimated or embarrassed to talk about whatever it is you believe- your thoughts are just as valid as the next person's. I have to constantly remind myself of this, but you're not doing yourself or anyone else any favours by not sharing your beliefs and opinions- you're just hiding parts of yourself that make you, you.

So of course be mindful of other people's feelings and all that jazz, but don't ever feel too intimated to speak up.

being a better version of yourself

Realise that your 'truth' is not someone else's. 

I think being able to share your opinions and beliefs is great. The thing is, even if you think you know what the truth about something is and you wholeheartedly believe it, in the end it's actually only your version of the truth, and someone else may feel completely different.

Have you ever noticed that no two people ever end up telling the exact same version of a story? Or have you ever had someone tell you something shocking or nasty and then follow it up with "...but I'm just giving my opinion!" because I sure as hell have and it's extremely off-putting.

Everyone has their own truth, you have yours but that doesn't make it the only truth and if you remember and accept that then I think everything becomes a whole lot easier. Friendships are easier, relationships are easier, talking to people with completely different beliefs becomes easier. Honestly I think everything becomes easier and you become much more of an open-minded person once you realise that your truth is not necessarily someone else's.

shirt- Zara
jeans- Dr.Denim
boots- Kurt Geiger
bag- Zara

acceptance, empathy, forgiveness, blogger
Be empathetic. 

I'm a sensitive person by nature and I'm not saying this in an 'I'm so great' way but I'm naturally very empathetic as well so it's sometimes hard for me to understand how other people aren't like that. Sensitivity and being sensitive in general are qualities that have gotten dragged through the mud over the years but if you're a crier or someone who feels emotions very deeply- that doesn't make you weak or a 'drama queen', it's an aspect of yourself you should feel proud of. 

It's a simple thing and some people like to call it stepping into someone else's shoes but to be a better you, genuinely try and look at situations from other people's points of views before you react. Try to look past human errors, be empathetic and don't get angry or frustrated at someone because whatever they're doing inconveniences, annoys you or doesn't line up with your plans. Most people are genuinely doing the best they can in any given situation and sometimes all one person needs is a little understanding. 

lifestyle, fashion blogger melbourne the sunday mode

Do you have any self improvement tips?


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