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3 Ways To Rekindle Your Love For Makeup

getting your love for makeup back

Way back in the day, I used to come home from high school and watch Blair's (aka juicystar07's) makeup tutorials and I'd try to copy them with the 4 makeup products in total that I owned. I didn't care that I didn't have many products or what brands they were, I was just so excited to try and recreate the looks. Even if they failed miserably, I still had fun. Now years later in a world full of highlighting and baking and strobing, I hit this wall where I sort of fell out of love with makeup and it just wasn't exciting me anymore. I wanted to re-spark that passion and here's how I did it:

Watching makeup tutorials on Youtube is what kicked things off for me. They got me interested in the whole makeup and beauty industry and I started seeing makeup as art, except my face was the canvas. Usually it's something different for each person but as beauty lovers, we all have something that kicked off our journeys for us. I mean, we didn't come out of the womb with a beauty blender in our hands...wait, did we? So if you're feeling like you've fallen out of love with makeup, I'd really encourage you to think about what it is that made you first fall in love with makeup, or made you first start being curious about makeup and get back to that!
burberry midnight brown eyeshadow and tanya burr bear hug lipstick review

I think there's a reason why watching tutorials is what sparked my love for makeup, there's just something about them. Watching those kinds of old school tutorial videos again hits a huge nostalgia note for me but it also sparks some serious excitement, all of sudden I want to go through my entire makeup stash and start swatching things and playing around with what I have and pretending like I'm doing a YouTube tutorial when I'm doing my makeup even though I'm alone in my bedroom. To get you excited about makeup again, try finding a makeup tutorial that you love and recreate it! Personally I find it really fun to re-create movie/TV character looks or celebrity looks, but do whatever makes you feel the most giddy.

the sunday mode blogger melbourne
My tutorial re-creation:
After watching this tutorial by Tanya Burr, I decided I wanted to try and do a softer, more day time friendly version of that look.

Using a light hand and the *Burberry eyeshadow in No. 21 Midnight Brown I did my best to follow Tanya's instructions to bring this Cara inspired look to life. Because I was on Tanya Burr kick and needed a nice neutral toned lipstick to finish this look off, I used the *Tanya Burr lipstick in 'Bear Hug.' It's a lovely nude shade that's a very flattering blend of apricot and pink hues and the formula is really impressive for the price point (it's much better than MAC's formula!).

I'll admit it, I wanted this Midnight Brown eyeshadow purely because I wanted to recreate this tutorial but I'm so glad I got it! The shadow has got that signature Burberry packaging with the embossed Burberry design, it suits my fair skin and it's the perfect deep, smokey brown shade that you could easily play up or down to make more of a subtle or intense look. Needless to say, re-creating tutorials is one of my favourite things to do at the moment, it makes me feel like a simple kid who's just excited about makeup again.

PS- if you want to recreate this look as well, you can use my code SUNDAY10 for 10% off when you spend $50 (AUD) on Feel Unique!
charlotte tilbury wonderglow primer review

With makeup there always seems to be one item or step in a makeup routine that people enjoy the most. For one person, they might love doing their eyeshadow and for another that might feel like a chore because they're all about the lips. For me? Oh baby it's highlighting.

From the moment I saw that I could add a luminous glow to my cheeks, it was love. Highlighting is the one step I'll never skip, highlighters are the products that excite me the most and highlighting is the one part of doing my makeup that brings me the most joy. To get your love for makeup back, think about which makeup steps or techniques you love the most and bring your focus to that. So if you love brows, maybe you go and get yours shaped, research new brow products or spend some time grooming and shaping your own.

My pick? If like me you love highlighters and looking glowy then make your next purchase the *Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Primer. The product itself is a luminous liquid (with a watery consistency) that initially looks gold and shimmery when swatched but as you blend it into the skin the shimmer disappears, leaving you looking dewy, glowy and radiant. It's technically a primer but you can blend it with your moisturiser or foundation, or both. Currently I like to apply this after my moisturiser, do the rest of my makeup normally and then proceed to stare at my glowy cheekbones whenever I walk past a mirror all day....just the thought of using this makes me eager to go and do my makeup.

Have you ever fell out of love with makeup?


*These products were sent to me to try. I tried them, I love them and that's why they're in this post! This is not a sponsored post but this post does contain some affiliate links. 

Is Dressing Minimally Boring?

minimal fashion jo mercer boots

First off, I'd just like to address the fact that my face in these photos is basically the same colour as the white building behind me...I mean, pale people problems. 

melbourne fashion blogger

So minimal is kind of the new 'it' word of 2017, huh? It seems like everything minimal is in fashion. Minimalist living, minimal style, minimal decor and design, living minimally. Well, maybe that's not how it is out there in the real world but it sure feels like minimalism has taken the blogging, Youtube and social media world by storm.

I'm in too minds about minimalism, on the one hand I'm all for creating a more decluttered lifestyle because I can throw things out like there's no tomorrow and I find that quite easy. Sentimental birthday cards? Bin it. Keepsakes? Bin it. I'm pretty damn ruthless. Then on the other hand...sometimes I kinda like stuff and don't want everything in my work life and general life to be minimal. 

With fashion though, I realised the other day that minimal is my thing. I like to experiment but even my experimenting is pretty minimal. Before I shot these photos I found myself feeling bad because I wanted to do a style post but thought "people will think this outfit is way too basic and boring." Then it hit me, I dress minimally every day of my life, it's just my style, so I'm probably going to always question whether or not an outfit is "too basic" for my blog. People will either like that for what it is, or not, and that's that.

I keep things simple, I style things simply and I'm totally ok with that. But it does beg the question, is dressing minimally boring?

Short answer, no. Long answer? Buddy you gotta read the post.

fashion blogger melbourne the sunday mode

Minimal is like a permanent capsule wardrobe. 

When I didn't used to dress minimally (those photos shall come with me to the grave) I always felt like I couldn't wear the same thing twice because each clothing item I had was so damn memorable on it's own. It's like I had this little Hannah Montana style butterly bolero (don't ask) when I was around 13 and I'd wear it one day while I was out with my friends but then not want to wear it the next because I just felt like everyone would think I only had one thing in my wardrobe. Ah, 13 year old problems.

Would I mind now wearing my simple black shirt with one of my neutral coloured coats 5 days in a row? Not at all.

I've found that by dressing minimally and having those pieces fill your wardrobe, it means you've got a lot of...well, basics. You've got pieces that fit together like a puzzle perfectly and pieces that can be put together really easily and so because of that, if you dress minimally then it's like your wardrobe is like a permanent capsule wardrobe. For whatever season comes along, clothing-wise you're well and truly covered.
melbourne minimal fashion blogger

Minimal always allows room to grow. 

As you grow older your personality shifts and (hopefully) evolves and your style usually evolves as that time passes as well, or at least that's how it's been for me. When my wardrobe was filled with one of a kind, stand out pieces I felt a little stuck. I loved each piece I bought at the time I bought it, but a year later or even a few months later I usually would feel as if I'd outgrown the pieces and it wasn't quite reflective of me anymore, so I didn't know what to wear. Not everyone wears clothes that are particularly reflective of themselves at that time or how they're feeling but I do, so to feel uncomfortable in my clothing and like I was wearing 'fad' or 'trend' pieces that I didn't even like just felt very limiting.

With a much more minimal wardrobe, because each piece is so simple, simple also translates to classic so you can pair the same items together but just in a different way, add a couple accessories and it'll look completely different. So based on your moods and as you change and grow up, your wardrobe can account for your changing style without you having to continue to buy new pieces. So despite what people may think, I've actually found that having a wardrobe full of minimal pieces has been less limiting.

outfit details fashion blog

Minimal is always in fashion.

The thing about trend pieces is that they don't tend to stand the test of time. They're the items that 10 years later you see yourself wearing in photos and you think to yourself "why the hell did I wear that?!". On the other hand, I think there's an incredible amount of flexibility and freedom that comes with dressing minimally.

No matter how much time passes, if you dress with a minimalist mindset you're always going to be in fashion purely because those kinds of items just don't go out of fashion, at least not in the same way that trend pieces do. So if you dress minimally, you can look at other eras and style icons that also dressed minimally for inspiration and you'll find that those pieces still work for today's era as well. The sheer possibilities of that is what makes me excited to get dressed in the morning.

By definition, 'boring' would refer to something dull and monotonous, right? To me, I feel like dressing dull is a completely other issue, but I guess dullness or boredom in styling can mainly come from pairing your outfits together the same way, every single time. So yeah, dressing minimally can be boring at times but so can dressing not minimally! It's all just about how you style things, and how you feel in the clothes you wear.

jo mercer boots fashion blogger

So is dressing minimally boring? Not at all.

PS- please no one play a drinking game with how many times I've said 'minimally' and 'minimal' in this post...


How Facial Acids Have Changed My Skin

how facial acids have changed my skin
The term 'acid' will never not sound intimidating to me. I mean I know most people are aware that the type of acids in skincare products are obviously very different to the burning your skin off type of acids...but something about that word just scares the crap out of me. Because of that, I've always been skeptic about using any kind of acid skincare product and after a certain experience that left my skin red, bumpy and burning (I'm looking at you Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels...) I thought acids were better left out of my skincare routine. Well, like most things in life I was wrong.

Staying away from the products with higher percentages of active acids, I've been incorporating much more gentle products with Glycolic and Salicylic acid into my skincare routine and my skin has never looked better. So I take it back, hooray for acids in skincare! Here's how they changed my skin:

pixi glow mud cleanser

My skin is smoother. 
I've been lucky in the sense that unless I'm really breaking out, my skin has never been very bumpy or textured, but it has never felt as smooth to the touch as it has since I started incorporating Glycolic Acid into my skincare routine. Glycolic Acid is meant to give you a 'smoother, softer complexion' and oh baby does it do that. I can't speak for products with a high percentage of the stuff but the Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser contains just 5% Glycolic Acid and it has transformed my skin (and that's not an exaggeration.)

The Pixi Cleanser is one of those products that you may think isn't doing much, but then you really notice the differences in your skin if you stop using it. When I do use it my skin is baby's ass soft and my foundation just applies so much easier than it normally does, probably because it's going onto a much smoother base.

Texture-wise this cleanser comes out like a thick paste and it straight up feels like you're washing your face with a mud/clay mask,  but when you wash it off you're left with very smooth skin and for me, I've noticed a significant decrease in spots since I started using this as well. The packaging is a little 'meh' and leaves something to be desired but I really couldn't care less because it's what's inside that counts. Oh yeah, you better believe this cleanser has hit holy grail status for me.

mario badescu drying lotion

I barely ever get spots/breakouts.
For any breakouts, I used to be an au naturale girl and thought popping on some tea tree oil was the best way to go. Well, turns out that for me tea-tree oil and it's natural counterparts do diddly squat in terms of stopping spots from popping up and healing active breakouts. 

Then Salicylic Acid came into my life in the form of the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion and I've never found anything as effective as this for healing spots quickly and with minimal effort. You just take a cotton tip, dab it right to the bottom of the solution (don't shake the bottle!) and apply a small amount to your spots. You let it dry and then it starts working it's magic.

In the past I've experimented with plenty of other spot treatments and things like topical Benzoyl Peroxide treatments but aside from staining my towels (sigh) nothing really helped my skin, they all just irritated it more. So if you suffer from breakouts or even only get the occasional spot I would highly recommend reaping the benefits of a Salicylic Acid product like this one.

alpha-h liquid gold rose

My skin is all around more even. 
One thing that has been a constant issue and insecurity for me is my pigmentation and post-acne scars left over from when my skin used to be really bad. So even if my skin is doing well, my post-acne scars make it seem like I have active spots when in reality my skin will be completely spot-free and it's extremely frustrating. I've found most products targeted at fading scars to either be serums (which take too long to work for me because I'm impatient) or harsh peels that feel like they're taking a chunk of your skin off at a time and they leave me with a tomato red face, which I despise. I've been very skeptical about the infamous Liquid Gold by Alpha-H but it's more moisturising sister, the limited edition *Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose has been a god sent.

I mentioned before that Glycolic Acid is meant to give you smoother, more radiant skin and the mix of Glycolic Acid and other botanical ingredients in the Liquid Gold Rose has given me just that, radiant skin. I've been noticing that without makeup my skin lately has an actual glow to it, which I am so impressed with.

After I cleanse, I take some of the Alpha H Liquid Gold Rose on a cotton pad and sweep it over my face and then leave it to dry, applying nothing afterwards to get the full effect and just let the product do it's thing. This stuff is gentle but really effective. My skin is the smoothest it's ever been, everything looks much more even and my scars have faded a noticeable amount since I started using this. I mean, it's not a miracle worker but I feel like this is pretty damn close.

Have you incorporated acid products into your skincare routine?


*Active skin sent me this product to try, this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own (I just really really like this product!).

Hooded Eyes: A Cheat Sheet

tips and tricks for hooded eyes
Thank the lord more information has come out over time about hooded eyes because when I first worked out that I had hooded eyes do you know what people were still calling them? Aged eyes. Now while there's nothing wrong with having aged eyes, I wasn't really thrilled with the idea of having aged eyes at only 15.

If people didn't refer to them as aged eyes they would call them 'droopy' eyes or something equally as bad. Now they're called hooded eyes which I mean, isn't all that much better and it kind of makes it sound like your eyes are about to rob a bank but hey, I'll take it.

I used to hate the fact that I had hooded eyes but now over time I've worked out that all they need is a little extra lovin'. It's all about the tips and tricks and once you realise that there are certain things that just make hooded eyes look a whole lot better, all of a sudden they don't seem so bad.

So if you've got hooded eyes, this is the guide for you.

How do you know if you have hooded eyes?
I'm gonna give it to you straight, if you put your eye shadow on and it looks awesome while you're applying it but then it completely disappears under your eyelid skin when you relax your eyes, then welcome to the hooded eyes club. If with relaxed eyes you look into the mirror and your mobile lid isn't visible, congratulations again, you have hooded eyes.

charlotte tilbury full fat lashes mascara review

Change up your techniques. 

Despite what you may hear in general makeup tutorials, I've found that if you have hooded eyes you need to change up the 'rules' a bit. One trick that I've found really handy is to keep your eyes open when you're using eye shadows to do any crease work. When defining your crease, if you blend right into your natural crease your shadows will just get lost so try blending slightly above your natural crease line to minimise the 'hooded' effect. So look straight ahead in the mirror and I repeat, keep your eyes open while running your eye shadows through the crease, that way you can see exactly which parts of your eye makeup will be seen and which parts of your eye makeup will naturally end up being hidden when you relax your eyes. When it comes to mascara I try to find the absolute best lengthening formulas I can find because I think long lashes can make a tremendous difference to hooded eyes. Technique-wise, I've found concentrating my mascara on my middle lashes (just above the pupil) to give me a more wide-eyed effect.

I'd recommend: The *Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara. It has one of my favourite formulas, is easy to build up, gives you great length and curl and most importantly it doesn't smudge on me at all. I feel like having hooded eyes makes you more likely to experience panda eyes just purely because when you relax your eyes your mascara is basically touching your upper eyelid all the time so lengthening and smudge-proof mascaras are a must. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good lengthening mascara but especially if you have hooded eyes and you need a little extra oomph from your mascara.

burberry complete eye palette review beauty blogger

makeup tricks for hooded eyes

 Opt for matte shades. 

Not to say that you can't or shouldn't wear shimmery eye shadows if you have hooded eyes because honestly do whatever the hell you want, but I've found that neutral matte shadows are the best friend to anyone with hooded eyes because they can fake the natural contours of your skin and make your eye shape look very different to how it does naturally. Sometimes I'll use matte shadows and do my usual 'hooded eyes but better' look and people will compliment me but not think I'm wearing any eye makeup. Then when I don't wear it the same people are like "gee, you look a little tired." Makeup is magic baby, magic, and matte shadows are my wand.

I'd recommend: My go-to matte palette at the moment is the *Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Mocha 02. It's a mix of neutral, very natural brown tones that aren't too warm or too cool, which I love. Each of these shades are pigmented and blend really easily and they wear well throughout the day as well. With 1 bone coloured shadow and 3 gradient brown shadows, the shades in this palette are perfect for every day and I think this would suit just about any skin tone. PS- the Burberry eye palettes come in velvet pouches as, yes please.

makeup tips for hooded eyes

1. Using the *Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Mocha 02 I take the bone shade all over my mobile lid as a sort of base. 
2. With the lightest, tan brown shade from the Burberry palette I work this shadow all through the crease and slightly above my natural crease, using a fluffy brush to diffuse the shade and to make this shadow look like it's the natural shadow of my crease. 
3. I take the medium brown shadow from the palette on a fluffy blending brush and work it slightly above the outer third of my crease and down onto the lid to give my eyes a little more depth. 
4. Taking a smaller, more precise brush with the darkest brown shade I carefully place it just at the very outer edge of my crease. Looking straight ahead in the mirror, I take any fluffy brush again and blend out that shadow.  
5. After curling my lashes, I take the *Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara and concentrate it on my middle lashes, making sure I layer the mascara at the very tips of the lashes to give me the most length I can possibly get.

makeup for hooded eyes tips and tricks

So who else out there has got hooded eyes like me?! Do you have any tips?


Products marked with an asterisk have been gifted, all opinions are my own (of course!). Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. 


Films To Watch Before You Die

cosy setting for watching movies

Don't get me wrong, I love writing about fashion, travel and beauty but my favourite thing to write (and talk) about is film and television. In any downtime I have, one of things I love to do the most is just sit and marathon a TV show. With film, I've progressed to the point where I literally have a list on my phone of films I'd like to watch and I'm ticking it off as I go.

I'm working my way through my movie list and as you can probably imagine I've watched some amazing films along the way. This all got me thinking about some of the best films I've ever watched so I thought I'd make my own little movie list for you guys to work through yourselves. Is that lame? Oh well.
These aren't necessarily my favourite films (ahem, that would be Harry Potter) but these are all brilliant and memorable films that I think everyone should watch at least once.

Based on true events, this film is about a doctor who experimentally administers a drug to catatonic patients in the hopes of 'awakening' them, believing that although they are catatonic there are still people in those unresponsive bodies. Robert De Niro plays the main catatonic patient in this film and his acting is (for lack of a better way of saying it) bloody brilliant. Seeing the journey of these patients and then knowing that this actually happened to people in real life was absolutely incredible and it really got me thinking about treatments for other people in the same state.

This film isn't the most cinematic, it isn't a piece of art and it doesn't have some clever storyline that people will be talking about for days, but to watch this is like a right of passage for anyone living in this century. I mean, there are so many references and nods to Mean Girls out there that I can't even keep up. If you've watched this film already then you know what I'm talking about. Meal Girls made 'army pants and flip flops' iconic and you'll never listen to Jingle Bell Rock the same again. If you've already watched this film, well all I can say is four for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco. 

Do not recommend watching this film alone unless you want to scream at your TV like I did and cry...a lot. It's a brilliant film that takes a look at fictional inmates on death row and one inmate in particular who is not at all as he seems. It's brilliantly acted (my god they make you believe it!) and a very emotional film that honestly made me simultaneously smile, cry and at points, ugly cry. A lot of people rank this as one of the best movies of all time and all I'll say is that after you watch this film it will stick with you.

clapperboard: films to watch before you die

Ah Hitchcock, Psycho is one of my fav classics and it's a classic for a reason. It's a film many people and multiple shows frequently reference and they've even made modern day shows based off the same concept, AKA Bates Motel. I find although a lot of people know roughly what it's about, they haven't actually seen the original film from 1960 (not the bloody remake with Vince Vaughn...) which is such a shame because it's iconic. If you're not a fan of horror you'll still be fine watching this because by today's standards it's really mild and quite frankly not scary at all in my opinion!

Another Tom Hanks film, you gotta love Tom Hanks right? Telling the story of a plane crash survivor that has to try and survive on a deserted island alone, Cast Away is one of those films that I don't want to watch every weekend because it's an emotional journey (does that sound lame?) but I love this film nonetheless and if someone is ever watching it when I'm around, I want nothing more than to plant my booty down on the couch and watch the entire movie from start to finish. Any film I see with someone on an island I immediately compare to this film and other films are never as good. I mean, Cast Away makes you emotionally attached to a freaking volleyball...that's how you know it's a good film.

My Mum got me to watch this film so that I would finally be able to appreciate the occasional little Rain Man references she'd do. I'm not a massive Tom Cruise fan but he plays a character in this film who finds out he has an older, autistic brother played by Dustin Hoffman and man does Dustin Hoffman sell you that character. I was so glad I watched this film because for starters it's a great film but like a lot of the other films I've mentioned, since watching it I've realised just how much Rain Man is referenced in other movies and TV shows! Definitely a good choice to watch this film, definitely definitely. 

Are there any films you think are a must-watch?


Effortless Styling Essentials

minimal styling essentials

While I've been in the process of curating my dream wardrobe I feel like I've been on a little journey. I'm clearing out quite a few old items to make room for new ones and along the way I've been having a lot of fun just experimenting with my style and trying new things (aka leaving the comfort of my trusty black skinny jeans...). 

Aside from falling in love with the dream wardrobe that I'm creating, I've realised that there are certain pieces, certain elements of putting together a look that just make all my outfits look more cohesive. When I'm under a time crunch, rushing out the door or even if I'm just feeling a little on the lazy side or I'm not sure what to wear, these are the wardrobe essentials I always have at the ready that are complete life (and time) savers.

easy fashion styling pieces
fashion blogger melbourne

I've always found that jeans are the best item in my wardrobe in terms of versatility and wearability and you know what? This may sound dramatic but when I found this pair (that I'm wearing in these photos) of mid waist light wash denim jeans I swear, it was like my entire viewpoint on jeans had been refreshed. Yeah, a good boot leg cut or classic pair of skinny jeans will serve you well over the years because they quite literally go with anything, but jeans offer so many more possibilities. Jeans make for an effortless styling essential of mine, purely because there are SO many styles of jeans out there (especially now) that you can really afford to be more adventurous, branch out and try different jean styles and pretty much no matter what style you go for you'll still be suitably dressed for almost any occasion. Oh jeans, I love you, and now I love you even more and will proceed to buy every nice new style of jeans that I find.

If you haven't guessed it from my other outfit posts, I'm not big on jewellery. I had a jewellery phase when I was about 14 where I would wear bangles all up and down my arms, long dangly earrings and apparently I was trying to set some kind of record for how large of a ring a person could physically wear on their finger because oh man did I like the statement rings. Nowadays I opt for very minimal in the accessories department, usually some simple rings and most recently, a classic silver watch. Since I got this watch I've worn it with all my outfits and aside from being practical (hallelujah I can finally check the time without having to pick up my phone) I'm also wondering how I ever styled my outfits without this piece because it just makes everything look so classy, like the final cherry on top of my outfit. A classic watch is definitely an effortless styling essential.

marc bale the peach box
melbourne minimal blogger

It's hard for me to imagine that there was ever a time that I didn't like, who was I? Now they are the piece that makes me feel the most like me, without one I feel a little naked (this is why I have a problem with summer!).

For the A/W seasons, coats are obviously extremely practical to have as part of your wardrobe but they're brilliant for another reason as well. Let's be honest, coats hide a lot of what's underneath (especially if you opt for a button up coat) so you can wear almost anything underneath and no one will be any the wiser. Commando under your coat, anyone? Just kidding, that'd be way too drafty.

If you're not a coat hoarder lover like me then I'd say for a styling essential, stick with a black coat but if you are like me and can't get enough of them, start collecting your coats like pokemons and get a cream coat, camel coat, trench coat, navy coat, black coat and grey one too! Then you'll have all your bases covered and when A/W rolls around- planning your outfits just got a lot less complicated.

In my mind, there's no better way to add to an outfit than a coat.

styling essentials

Outfit details. 

T-shirt by ASOS
 Coat by ZARA
Jeans by WEEKDAY (shop here)
Boots by JO MERCER (shop here)
*Watch by MARC BALE (shop here)

editorial fashion blogger

Feel free to drop your jaw to the floor, because I have fully realised the errors of my monochrome ways and realised that a pop of colour goes with my usual neutral toned outfits really damn well. I love wearing darker colours and despite being as pale as a ghost I would happily walk around in all black outfits but when you add an accessory, pair of coloured shoes or some kind of pop of colour to your outfit it's like it fills a void that you didn't even know existed (too dramatic again?). 

If you're styling an outfit and feel a little stuck, try leaving your comfort zone (or not, if you already love colour) and add a completely different colour tone to your outfit to make it that much more special. It'll elevate your look without you even really trying. I know there are certain 'rules' out there about what colours go with which, but some of the best combinations I've seen are ones that I completely wouldn't have expected. So even if you think some kind of colour match will look horrendous, try it out because you'll probably surprise yourself. PS- sometimes I've tried this and I do indeed look bloody horrendous but hey, I learn from it, try a new colour combination or adding a different pop of colour and it all works out in the end. 

fashion blog melbourne the sunday mode

What are your styling essentials?

*The Marc Bale watch was gifted to me. The shop links used at the bottom of this post are affiliate links, which means I would earn a small commission from the sales if you choose to make a purchase through those links. 

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